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Group trips to Scandinavia

The structure of the Unity Line fleet also enables the company to provide passenger transport. We take care not only of efficient transport to the other side of the Baltic Sea, but we also provide access to farther regions of Scandinavia. Our advantage is in responding to real customer needs. Therefore, the company's wide cruise offer suits the needs of cyclists, motorized passengers, as well as those traveling with the whole family or individually.  On Unity Line ferries you can also organize a family feast, tailor-made trips, company integration event (to Copenhagen, Goteborg, Malmo, Oslo, Ystad).

Traveling together is more than just great fun. It is, above all, a unique opportunity to strengthen Bonds and get to know your companions better. Are you planning a school trip? Company trip?
Or maybe you just want to have a good time with your close friends? Regardless of the circumstances and reasons, going to Scandinavia will always be a hit! Why? There are plenty of reasons.

There are really many possibilities and each group will certainly find something for themselves. What’s more, all offers are characterized by a well thought-out sighseeing plan. We will take care of travel, accommodation and meals.
All this allows you to fully enjoy Scandinavia and get the most out of an unforgetable experience!

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