The Unity Line company, set up in May 1994, is one of the biggest ship owners on the Baltic transport market. Within the framework of its activity, the Company deals with the professional management of sea ferries and tourist and transport activities.

The structure of the fleet makes serving all kinds of recipients possible: forwarders, road and rail haulers and passenger traffic. The ferries which are at the Company's disposal are used on the following routes: Świnoujście - Ystad and Świnoujście - Trelleborg.

The Polonia ferry is considered the flagship of UNITY LINE. The unit, that was brought into operation in 1995, is still considered one of the  safest ferries on the Baltic Sea. The growing interest in UNITY LINE services and constant development of the offer directly affect new investment made by the Company.

Another passenger unit, the m/f Skania, was introduced for operation in September 2008. Thanks to this, UNITY LINE passenger ferries cover the Świnoujście - Ystad route in a alternating movement. It means that passengers may plan their journeys in an even more flexible and comfortable way.

Besides the passenger units - the Polonia and the Skania ferries - in UNITY LINE management there are five units aimed at the cargo market - load-carrying ferries: the Jan Śniadecki, cargo and passenger ferries: the Gryf, the Galileusz, Wolin and the Copernicus.

As the greatest shipping agency in the cargo sector, UNITY LINE takes more than 65% of freight across the Baltic Sea. The Company serves all train transport between Poland and Sweden and more than 63% of lorry transport. The company has quoted a systematic rise in market share for years.

Nowadays, UNITY LINE ferries host over 340 thousand passengers per year and over 250 thousand lorry drivers. The number is higher every year.

UNITY LINE briefly

  • Year of establishment: 1994
  • The number of ferries at disposal: 7
    • m/f Polonia
    • m/f Skania
    • m/f Jan Śniadecki
    • m/f Gryf
    • m/f Galileusz
    • m/f Wolin
    • m/f Copernicus
  • 2 routes: Świnoujście - Ystad, Świnoujście - Trelleborg
  • Mission: ”To be the best ferry operator on the Baltic Sea"