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Dear Sirs,

We hereby inform you, that following to the decision of our shipowners – Unity Line Limited Cyprus and Euroafrica Shipping Line Cyprus Limited – a new ‘Freight Tariff’ will be introduced on our ferry links as from the 2nd of March, 2020. This document is a part of our ‘Transport Agreements’ and should be treated inseparably and conjointly.

The introduction of changes in the Tariff is caused by the need to respond to significant increases in the cost of service operation, caused beyond shipowners influence and control. Adjusting the Tariff to current market realities is becoming absolutely necessary in the affords to continue service operations.

Above mentioned changes have no influence on continuation of our Transport Agreements and all agreed terms and conditions remain unchanged..

The new Freight Tariff - see pdf

issued by ‘Unity Line’ ferry lines for ferry links:

Świnoujście – Ystad & Ystad – Świnoujście ferry link

and Świnoujście – Trelleborg & Trelleborg – Świnoujście

  • valid from the 2nd of March, 2020 until further notice

See pdf


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