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General Conditions of Freight Booking

Freight boookings are accepted with maximum 14 days advance, made in written trough fax or emails.

Bookings for departure day, will be taken only in the port of planned departure (for example, on departure day all requests regarding bookings for route Ystad-Świnoujście should be made in Unity Line Limited office branch in Sweden.)

Booking made by fax or email should include below details:

- Freight paymaster;

- Route of crossing, date and time of voyage;

- Total length of vehicle;

- Vehicle registration number;

- Reference number/contact person;

- Number of drivers (max 2 persons in vehicle);

- Details of Dangerous Cargo transport according to IMDG convention (Dangerous Goods Declaration required);

- Details of Oversize Cargo transport (standard dimensions are provided in Official Freight Tariff);

- In case of bookings for vehicles transporting cooled cargo, aggregates working mode should be specified (electrical connection in or combustion aggregates);

Freight forwarders are obliged to inform drivers about received booking number with its status (OK or conditional).

If a driver of booked vehicle will come to Ship Owners Office later than 2 hours before ferry departure, vehicle can be moved to waiting list without guarantee of transport. Ticket sale from parking list takes place according to the order of drivers reporting at Terminals.

Booking the same vehicle for few neighbouring departures or using fake registration numbers of vehicles, are strictly forbidden.

Incorrect or incomplete information’s given while making booking concerning type of vehicle, number of drivers and other requested details, requiring corrections of booking at check in, might cause additional cash charges during check in.

Dangerous Cargo must be notified to transport with minimum 24 hours before planned ferry departure. Transport of Dangerous Cargo is not possible with m/f Polonia and limited with m/f Skania.

In accordance with Polish regulations, driver declaring to ferry transport dangerous cargo or polluting marine environment (cargo classified according to IMDG convention), in accordance with Regulation of The Minister of Transport, Construction and Maritime Economy of 8 March 2012, should have dangerous goods declaration and material safety data sheet or safety data sheet. Requirements regarding safety data sheet are specified in Regulation (WE) no 1907/2016 of European Parliament and Council of 18 December 2016.

Transport of general cargo as per bill of landing, must be booked to carriage minimum 12 hours before planned ferry departure.

Single trailers should be ready to check in minimum 3 hours before planned ferry departure.

Booking cancellation must be made not later than 12 hours before ferry departure, with a subject to mentioned below.

Ship Owners, according to conditions of Official Freight Tariff, reserve the right to charge a penalty fee for cancelled booking or not used - up to due date – confirmed with OK status booking or booking cancelled less than 12 hours before planned ferry departure.

All changes of confirmed bookings should be made from 07:00 till 18:00 hours (on Fridays from 8.00 till 18.00 hours), not later than 6 hours before ferry departure.

In hours 18:00 – 07:00 (on Fridays from 18.00 till 8.00 hours), offices at terminals in Świnoujście, Trelleborg and Ystad are not obliged to make new bookings together with confirmations and providing information regarding bookings.


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