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We kindly inform that due to bad weather conditions following departures are cancelled.

14.10.2020    05.45    m/f Jan Śniadecki     Świnoujście

14.10.2020    10.15    m/f Gryf                     Trelleborg

14.10.2020    10.30    m/f Copernicus         Świnoujście

14.10.2020    15.45    m/f Galileusz             Trelleborg

14.10.2020    18.30    m/f Jan Śniadecki     Ystad

14.10.2020    21.00    m/f Gryf                      Świnoujście

14.10.2020    22.10    m/f Copernicus         Trelleborg

15.10.2020    01.30    m/f Galileusz              Świnoujście

All vehicles with confirmed bookings on given below departures will receive transport offer on the other ferries of our service in the subsequent departures, with subject to the possibility of correction of their scheduled departure times. For more information please contact our ferry offices.

We kindly apologize for any inconveniences related to above matter

We kindly inform, that due to very stormy weather resulting in cancellation of ferry departures and upcoming massive accumulation of cargo vehicles waiting for embarkation at Ferry Terminals we are forced to suspend our booking system starting as from tomorrow, Wednesday 14.10.2020 at 05.00 hrs, until further notice.

All cargo vehicles will be checked in, in accordance with order of driver’s arrival to our Ferry Office.

We apologise for all inconvenience caused by this situation.

We would like to inform that the ferry ‘JAN ŚNIADECKI’ will be out of service because of the planned shipyard overhauling as from 21.10.2020 till 02.11.2020.

The last departure is planned for 20.10.2020 /Tuesday/ with departure from Ystad to Świnoujście at 18.30 hrs. Vessel is expected back in service on 03.11.2020, with departure from Świnoujście at 05.45 hrs.

At that time all your lorries and trucks will be booked and transported by:

  • m/f ‘GALILEUSZ’, m/f ‘COPERNICUS’, m/f ‘GRYF’ and m/f ‘WOLIN’ on our Trelleborg link;
  • m/f ‘POLONIA’ and m/f ‘SKANIA’ on our Ystad link.

We apologise for all inconvenience caused by this situation.

Ferries Jan Śniadecki: Świnoujście - Ystad

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Route: Świnoujście - Ystad
Day: Sunday, 25/10/2020
Jan Śniadecki
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Drivers with their vehicles should report for clearance 2 hours before the planned departure.


The Carriers shall have the right to amend this time table from time to time without prior notice.  The Carriers shall have also the right to temporary suspend this timetable in fullor in part because of whether conditions or technical reasons without prior notice, where such suspension shall not be deemed nor constitute in any circumstances variations to this timetable.
This time table is written in the English and Polish languages and in the event of any in consistency between either version the English language version shallprevail.


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