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We would like to inform you that due to prolonged stay at the shipyard of m/f COPERNICUS, in the period of 9-16.08.2020 m/f GALILEUSZ will be departing daily: from Świnoujście at 1.30 hrs and from Trelleborg at 15.45 hrs.
The date of back to operation of m/f COPERNICUS will be provided ASAP.
We apologise for all inconvenience caused by this situation.

We would like to inform you that m/f COPERNICUS, returns to operational on Friday 14.08.2020 with departure from Trelleborg at 22.10 hrs. Next scheduled departure will be from Świnoujście on Sunday, 16.08.2020 at 10.30 hrs

We would like to inform that the ferry ‘GALILEUSZ’ will be out of service because of the planned shipyard overhauling as from 09.07.2019 till 22.07.2019.

The last departure is planned for 08.07.2019 /Monday/ with departure from Trelleborg to Świnoujście at 15.45 hrs. Vessel is expected back in service on 23.07.2019, with departure from

Świnoujście at 01.30 hrs.

Because of above mentioned, between 09.07.2019 and 22.07.2019, following departures will be suspended: at 10.30 hrs from Świnoujście and 22.10 hrs. from Trelleborg.

At that time all your lorries and trailers will be booked and transported by:

  • m/f ‘GRYF’, mf ‘COPERNICUS’ and m/f ‘WOLIN’ on our Trelleborg link;
  • m/f “POLONIA”, m/f ‘SKANIA’ and m/f ‘JAN ŚNIADECKI’ on our Ystad link.

We apologise for all inconvenience caused by this situation.

Dear Clients and Traders,

Progressive changes in the level of fuel prices noted during last period have given a positive and real effect in the bunker costs for ferries in our service,  Consequently our Shipowners – Unity Line Limited Cyprus and Euroafrica Shipping Lines Cyprus Limited - are pleased to announce following reduction of the actual bunker surcharge.

The new level of the bunker surcharge will amount to:

14 SEK per line meter

and will be in use in voyages as from the 14th of February, 2020.​

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New checkin area from
11.06.2018 at the Port of Trelleborg

Dear Customers,

As of today, drivers of passenger cars are welcome to book passage with the Wolin ferry, except for 21 - 31.12.2018.


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